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Donald Trump Calls People with PTSD “Weak”

posted by Blog Team October 7, 2016 0 comments
Donald Trump Calls People with PTSD "Weak"

It’s strange that despite we are in the 21st century, there are still people who believe that PTSD only affects the “weaker” persons. And when it comes from a White House candidate, it’s even worse.

Donald Trump Calls People with PTSD “Weak”

Since Donald Trump decided to run for President, you have seen all kinds of remarks. Some people agree with him, others don’t. That’s just a matter of opinion. However, Trump went too far on October 3. During an event in South Virginia, organized by the Retired American Warriors PAC, Trump was telling how he wanted to improve the veterans mental health services. However, many people saw his speech as he looks at people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder as weaker than people who don’t suffer.

During the speech, Trump said “When you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat and they see things that maybe a lot of folks in this room have seen many times over and you’re strong and you can handle it but a lot of people can’t handle it. They see horror stories, they see events you couldn’t see in a movie, nobody would believe it …”. The last thing you want to hear, when you gave your best to defend and support our country, is that you’re weak because you suffer from PTSD. This is a mental illness that affects too many veterans to be handled like this. It’s almost a lack of respect for what our soldiers do every single day.

Most of us have no idea about all the horrors they see out there and they simply need to be helped, not judged. Our veterans already did their job and by putting themselves on the line, they now need to handle with a very difficult mental problem.

Despite it’s a positive thing that Trump wants to improve the assistance to our soldiers and veterans, because just like he also said, during the same speech, “You know when you hear the 22 suicides a day, it’s a big part of your question, but when you hear the 22 suicides a day, that should never be.”, he needs to learn that suffering from PTSD can happen to anyone. And he’s definitely not immune.

As it was already expected, after this speech you had a confrontation between Trump supporters claiming that the words were taken out of context, and Trump’s critics, who saw Trump speaking to an entire room of “strong” veterans in contrast to the veterans who “can’t handle” what they see in the war.

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