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Amy Winehouse Foundation Opens Recovery Home for Women

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The Amy Winehouse Foundation is set to open a recovery house for women in east London. Named Amy’s Place, the home has 12 self-contained apartments to help women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. The house will be a joint effort between the foundation and Centra Care and Support. Centra is part of Circle Housing, one of London’s 15 largest housing associations. These associations say that together, they provide homes for 10 percent of Londoners.

Amy’s House will accommodate up to 16 women, focusing on those aged 18 to 30. Residents will reportedly come to the home after already going through a treatment program, arriving sober. After settling in, they will take part in a program spanning 3 months, and will be allowed to stay in the recovery home for up to 2 years. Some studies show that women have a greater chance to relapse without support established. The special project director of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Dominic Ruffy, lamented a lack of female-specific addiction centers. He said he spoke with women currently at recovery houses and addiction centers, finding that some had no desire to move to mixed sex centers. They feared that issues could arise related to codependency and abuse.

Amy Winehouse passed away in late July 2011 from alcohol poisoning. Her family set up the foundation later that year, on what would’ve been her twenty-eighth birthday. Despite increased knowledge about substance abuse, and increased efforts to fight it, drug use has not decreased as expected. A growing body of research has led to more recovery homes, part of the effort to decrease relapse rates. Drug-free housing in low crime neighborhoods is thought to be a big step toward supporting recovery and risking avoidance. Amy’s House will open in late August.

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